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Band Opening Quick Check


Quickly check to see if a specific amateur radio band
or the CB band is open to the Northeast US.

When you click on the link below corresponding to the band of interest, a new window will open showing the waterfall of the whole band on one of the N1NTE KiwiSDR receivers. The audio will be muted for convenience.

Use these links as a quick band opening check. Please do not stay on the receiver for an extended period if you are not actively listening. You are limited to one window open at a time so close it prior checking another band.

160m75/80m | 60m | 40m | 20m | 17m | 15m | 12m | 10m    |||    CB/11m

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Intermittent Antenna Issue Fixed

Over the last week or two I noticed that signals on the KiwiSDRs occasionally dropped 10-20 dB or more and then would go back up to normal full strength. I dropped the antenna today and noticed that one of the wing nuts on the balun that connected one of leg of the dipole to it was loose. (We've had several days of strong winds over the last couple of weeks.) Been listening to it for about an hour now and the issue seems to be resolved. Enjoy listening!

Receiver Timeouts Increased

For your wintertime listening pleasure, the session timeouts and maximum daily times have been increased. On receivers 1, 2, and 3 there is a 3 hour per session timeout and a 10 hour per day maximum per person. On receiver 4 there is a 6 hours per session timeout and a 18 hour per day maximum per person. Timeouts are instituted to make sure that inactive sessions don't tie up a receiver and prevent others from using it. If your session times out you can reconnect up to the daily maximum.

Improved Interface for Smartphone Use

Some experimental code has been added to all four KiwiSDR receivers that should allow for a better experience while using a smartphone. I welcome any feedback on this that you might have.